Somerleyton Primary School



Bravery, teamwork and resilience were the order of the day at Eaton Vale activity centre. 

The children enjoyed four activities:

Teamwork – the children built a buggy, (which is akin to a car from the Flintstones), then raced it.

Bravery- children were challenged to climb their way up a colossal ladder, where the wooden posts get further and further apart the higher they get. They needed to support each other to get as high as possible. 

Resilience - Kayaking is more difficult than

canoeing, the children were in complete control of their own boat. A challenging

activity not for those afraid of getting wet. Very glad the children had a change of clothes!

Calmer but still great fun the children learnt how to light a fire using a ‘flint and steel’, cook bread and then eat and enjoy with jam