Somerleyton Primary School

Junior Road Safety Officers

Somerleyton has two Junior Road Safety Officers. 

 This year's Junior Road Safety Officers are:



Reuben and William          

Their job involves the following:

  1. To create and maintain a Road Safety notice board, keep it up to date with current topics by displaying information for all pupils, teachers and visitors at school to see. 
  2. To arrange and carry out, with support, Road Safety activities/ competitions/ surveys/ role plays etc. using information provided or researched by you.
  3. To organise School assemblies, lessons and displays at school events based on a Road Safety theme at least once per term, with support and guidance from teachers.
  • To maintain a JRSO logbook. 

JRSO Road Safety Book 2022/23


To view the 2019-2020 Road Safety Book  


Try some games and test your knowledge of road safety.