Somerleyton Primary School

The Governors Role

The Governing body for Somerleyton School has a range of responsibilities to ensure the school is providing high quality education for your children. The Governing body is made up of a number of individuals from a range of backgrounds, from staff, parents, local community members and those elected by the Local Education Authority (LEA). All of the Governing body are elected members.

The Governing Body:

  • Provides a strategic overview
  • Acts as a critical friend
  • Ensures accountability.

 In doing so they, in partnership with the Headteacher, are responsible for:

  • Monitoring pupil progress.
  • Determining the aims and objectives for the school.
  • Interviewing and appointing staff.
  • Allocating the school budget, so that national and local requirements are met and to ensure that our children's needs are met.
  • Managing the buildings.
  • Deciding how the school is to be used outside school hours.
  • Fostering good relationships with parents and the local community.

 This is not an exhaustive list.